July 22 Memorials

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on 22 July 2011 in Norway, the Government decided that memorial sites, commemorating those killed, the survivors, emergency service personnel and volunteers, should be established at Sørbråten on land facing the island of Utoya and in the Government Quarter in Oslo.

We explored the complex issues for each memorial through the theme of “Immersive Reflections.” Our designs not only memorialize the loss of victims through their deaths but also commemorate the ongoing spirit of the victims’ lives. Rather than just freezing the trauma of the terrorist events we have proposed spaces in which visitors are active participants in their context, and in remembrance. The simple, contemporary mirror walls facilitate both introspective reflection and an open-ended future.

Photo Credit:Christopher Olssøn/littleimagebank

Photo Credit:Christopher Olssøn/littleimagebank

Aerial photography of the Flight 93 National Memorial site
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Location: Oslo and Sorbraten, Norway
Owner: KORO
Completion: 2014 


Paul Murdoch
Milena Murdoch
Eric Cunningham
Luv Khot


Paul Murdoch Architects' July 22 Memorial Entry on Exhibit at Rådhusgalleriet in the Town Hall of Oslo
Among shortlisted projects for the memorials of the July 22 attacks in 2011 in Norway, there are Jeremy Deller, Snøhetta and Estudio SIC
Paul Murdoch Architects shortlisted to enter the closed competition for the 22 July memorials in Norway


2013 Finalist, One of eight teams selected from 300 applicants to submit designs


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