New National Gallery and Ludwig Museum

Two museums form a progressive building that interprets the tree grove it replaced. Sculptural columns that branch out to support overhangs and ceilings emulate the trees. They rise up two stories to support the biophilic canopy expressed in the vertical garden walls that enclose the permanent galleries. These vegetated walls cover the permanent galleries with different plant types around the building suited to the varied exposures of the sun. The planting is subdivided into areas to allow for artful compositions of plant species.

Windows at the Ludwig gallery and along bridges spanning courtyards are shaped in the planting pattern that evokes openings in a tree canopy. The museums are organized around courtyards that are located and shaped to preserve mature existing trees of significant value.

Aerial photography of the Flight 93 National Memorial site
Aerial photography of the Flight 93 National Memorial site


Location: Budapest, Hungary
Owner: Liget Budapest
Open Competition: 2014


Paul Murdoch
Milena Murdoch
Eric Cunningham
Luv Khot
Kin Lee


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